Please, mark each sentence according to the scale given below:

It is an allusion and you know the source
This is an allusion still this has lost touch with the source
This is arguably an allusion
This is not an allusion

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Daytime [Curfew] - How Curfews Affect Homeschooling Children. :
'Net Neutrality' Digital Discrimination or Regulatory [Gamesmanship] in Cyberspace. :
[Lion's share] Entertainment: Your choice for TV and Infomercial Producers. :
A Mason was [blackballed] from affiliating because someone thought he was trying to join a lodge with low dues. :
You won't find Маgу at many parties these days. She's become a complete [blue stocking] and spends most of her time in the library. :
There was less street crime in the days when there were more [Bobbies] on the beat. :
Cupid's [Dear John Letter] Generator takes the mind-numbing drudgery out of dumping someone by e-mail, and makes it an easy, fun, and altogether wacky interactive treat! :
Yesterday you hated him, today you admire him. You blow [hot and cold] all the time. :
[Keeping Up with the Joneses] Can Put You Behind.:
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